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Have the Wedding of Your Choice!

1 January 2016

You can have the Wedding of your choice. The only thing that you have to do is to make sure your marriage is legally binding. Traditionally this has presented you with only two options. To have your Wedding at the Register Office or to be married in church where the church ceremony reflects your faith.

If a standard Register Office or a Church Wedding is not for you, consider the third option – using the services of a Civil Celebrant.

Every Wedding is unique. No two people are the same.  The circumstances in which you met are not exactly the same as anybody else. Your life ahead will not be the same as anybody else’s and so there is no reason why you should have the standard script delivered at the Register Office or Church.

We love beautiful weddings that ooze tradition but we also love alternative weddings that ooze individualism. Whatever your preference, imagine your Wedding guests leaving at the end of the day with praise on their lips about your special Wedding day. Read More »

Currently Browsing: Supermarket Wedding

Morrisons Supermarket Wedding Ceremony – as seen on TV!

3 April 2015

Unlike any other Saturday afternoon in Morrisons Supermarket, this one was full of spectacle.  There was music, applause, eyes wide with disbelief as the Bride entered the store with her bridesmaids and friends.  There were big smiles as people realised what was going on, the jostling of shoppers, smart phones held high to take photos, ITV and BBC cameras, the Press Association and the Morrisons photographer all vying for position, cafe customers standing on tables.  ‘Love is an open door’ played across the store as we started their Wedding Ceremony.

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