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Creating Memories, Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

3 December 2018

When it comes to your Wedding Day, you and your partner are creating wedding memories.  For your guests, that starts with drinks on arrival, greeting family and friends. The care that you have put into creating memories for your perfect wedding ceremony will be remembered for many years.

But have you taken the same care with your wedding ceremony? If you have the bog-standard council ceremony, how memorable will that be? Will the interest of your guests fade? Rather than really listening to your wedding vows, will your guests just be waiting for the drinks, food and entertainment? Read More »

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You CAN have an outdoor wedding ceremony!

5 February 2017

You can have an outdoor wedding ceremony in England and Wales. Just open your mind to a slightly different way of doing things!  Outdoor wedding ceremonies are not limited to venues that have a license for a ceremonies in their grounds.

Think outside of the archaic marriage laws that exist in the UK and you can have the ceremony of your choice.

Many of our brides have had their outdoor wedding ceremony in gardens, in fields, by lakes and by the sea.  They were more than happy to complete the “wedding admin” beforehand.  They then had a completely bespoke wedding ceremony in a place of their choosing.  Read More »

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Planning your Wedding? Plan your Ceremony!

29 January 2017

Planning your Wedding? Plan your Ceremony!  Start your special day with a Wedding Ceremony that will really ‘wow’ your family and friends!

We know that there is a lot to think about when planning your wedding.  The venue, the dresses and outfits, photographer, caterer, entertainment, flowers, wedding favours.  You spend all your time on Pinterest creating mood boards for the most perfect wedding.

But what about the perfect Ceremony?

Read More »

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Celebrant Wedding for Your Special Day

11 January 2017

Looking through the photographs of our weddings, we realise how privileged we are to become friends with many of our lovely wedding couples. And this is what happens when you book a Celebrant Wedding.

It’s important to form this relationship because ,when it comes to your big day, you want a friendly face and somebody who knows exactly what you want for your celebration.

Whether your celebrant wedding is on a farm, in a Labyrinth, at a formal venue, or in your garden, we make every effort to make sure that you feel comfortable with us and that you trust us to conduct the ceremony that you want.

Read on to find out how we do this… Read More »

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Kais & Chloe’s Golf Club Wedding Ceremony

29 July 2016

Kais & Chloe’s Golf Club Wedding Ceremony was a celebration of their legal marriage in Turkey.  They had married in traditional Turkish fashion with family and Turkish friends, followed by a quintessentially English wedding ceremony in St Ives Golf Club, Cambridgeshire.

With the room flooded by light from the golf course, the chairs were decorated with white covers and lilac and mint green sashes, matching the bridesmaids dresses.  In recognition of the importance of parents, both Chloe’s father and her mother gave Chloe away to Kais.  Chloe’s dear grandfather was also mentioned in remembrance. Read More »

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Heather & Geoff’s Outdoor Country Wedding

24 July 2016

Heather and Geoff’s outdoor country Wedding Ceremony was held in a beautiful cobbled courtyard surrounded by stunning thatched cottages, decorated with bunting.

The groomsmen wore tweed jackets with burgundy bow ties and the Bridesmaids wore blue tea-length dresses with polka dot bodices, edged in red.

Heather was escorted by her mother and made her entrance in a beautiful gown and shoes from Irregular Choice.  The track ‘Lover of the Light’ by Mumford & Sons was played.  There was such a lot of love for Heather and Geoff from their select group of guests, reflected in the smiles and tears as Heather joined Geoff.

Heather and Geoff put a great deal of thought into their Wedding Ceremony and wanted it to reflect their love of each other, the earth, nature and the wonder of the universe.  Geoff adapted the ‘Blue Dot’ reading by Carl Sagan which painted a perfect picture of where we, the Earth and love fit into the universe.   Read More »

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Sarah & Ben’s Boho Farm Wedding

10 July 2016

Sarah and Ben’s Boho Farm Wedding was a colourful ceremony, full of love and symbolism.  The trees were decorated with pompoms and family and friends were seated outside on chairs and hay bales.  An arch complete with bunting and flowers formed the ceremony area and this was where we stood to await the bride.

Sarah’s stunning Boho wedding dress was teamed with a dark green crocheted shrug and a beautiful bouquet of roses, calla lillies and eucalyptus.  Sarah and Ben’s children formed the bridal party, a cheerful procession of white dresses, deep-berry shrugs, happy smiles, skipping steps and sunflowers.

The Wedding Ceremony included an emotional reading by the Groom, hand-fasting and exchange of vows and rings.  Sarah and Ben also took part in a sand ceremony with all their children, symbolising the unity of their newly formed family.  ‘Happy Together’ by The Turtles was played while three different colours of sand were poured into the jar in beautiful layers and ending with combined colours, bringing together the united family. Read More »

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Carole & Peter’s Wedding, Colwick Hall

9 July 2016

Carole and Peter’s Wedding Ceremony at Colwick Hall, Nottingham, was happy and emotional.  With a sumptuous purple and ivory colour scheme, the ceremony room was all set to receive family and friends.

Carole and her bridesmaids entered to the haunting melody of ‘How Long Will I Love You’ by Ellie Goulding.  The Wedding Ceremony focused on the love that Carole and Peter have for each other, which was reflected beautifully in their wedding vows.  We enjoyed the story of how they met and laughed when we heard that Carole slept through a Guns & Roses concert.

Their wedding ceremony included hand-fasting with beautiful purple, cream and white ribbons signifying spirituality, balance and devotion. After the exchange of vows and rings we all sang ‘Stand By Me’ and were treated to Peter doing a little dance with Carole.  And through it all, Peter never took his eyes off Carole. Read More »

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Mark and Brent’s Wedding Ceremony

13 August 2015

Mark and Brent had the complete support of their family and friends as they prepared for their wedding ceremony. They conducted the legal side of things in a routine appointment at their local Register Office two days previously, saving their wedding vows and exchange of rings for the ceremony conducted in the Social Club of HMP Whitemoor.

The main room of the club was transformed into a beautiful venue when decorated in sumptuous blue, white and silver. Tall and luxurious flower arrangements were displayed on each table and an aisle had been created with lavish candelabras, lit with blue and silver candles. Read More »

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Vow Renewal – Kim & Nigel

27 July 2015

The Vow Renewal Ceremony for Kim and Nigel was a complete surprise for them. Planned down to the last detail by their daughter Nikki, who was ably supported by their youngest daughter JoJo, it was held in a very quaint village hall with bunting, cakes and lots of music. A break in the torrential rain from the previous day meant that the afternoon had a magical and exciting feel to it.

Kim and Nigel were driven to the hall by their friends in silver cars emblazoned with purple ribbon. Thinking it was a surprise birthday party, they were greeted with the announcement that they were about to take part in their own Vow Renewal. A fabulous couple, they took it all in their stride and were surrounded by their family and friends as the ceremony took place. Read More »