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Mark and Brent’s Wedding Ceremony

13 August 2015

Mark and Brent had the complete support of their family and friends as they prepared for their wedding ceremony. They conducted the legal side of things in a routine appointment at their local Register Office two days previously, saving their wedding vows and exchange of rings for the ceremony conducted in the Social Club of HMP Whitemoor.

The main room of the club was transformed into a beautiful venue when decorated in sumptuous blue, white and silver. Tall and luxurious flower arrangements were displayed on each table and an aisle had been created with lavish candelabras, lit with blue and silver candles. Read More »

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Civil or Christian Ceremony?

11 May 2015

I was a little surprised recently by a friend who said they “can’t relate to a Civil Ceremony” as they are a Christian. So many people don’t understand what a Civil Ceremony is. A religious ceremony is presided over by a priest of the religion involved and the service is mainly about giving thanks to a higher deity. A Humanist ceremony is presided over by a Humanist Celebrant who believes that life only exists when we live it and does not believe in anything spiritual, or life after death.   Read More »

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Funerals are Dead Serious – right?

12 December 2014

“You can’t do that at a Funeral” is a phrase I’ve heard too many times. It’s not surprising that people think that way. The common perception of a funeral service is that it is a sombre occasion when people mourn, cry, sing hymns and listen to a Minister read prayers before the coffin disappears into the fire or ground.   But not at a Civil Funeral!

Now, I’m not saying that we dance in the aisles, although I have had Morris Dancers and Line Dancers at my services, but we do smile, laugh, clap and, sometimes, joke. The content of a Civil Funeral really does depend on the character of the person who has died. Of course it is a sad occasion too and people will cry. But, with a loving and relevant service it provides a time to say goodbye that is full of light and shade.

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