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Conor’s Naming Ceremony at Quy Mill Hotel

12 June 2016

Conor’s Naming Ceremony at Quy Mill Hotel & Spa, Cambridge, was a truly lovely ceremony that included family and friends.  Conor’s parents, Yvette and Paul, were married in the same venue six years earlier.  They thought it a wonderful place to celebrate the arrival of their baby son and to welcome him into their family and circle of friends.

The Garden Room at the Quy Mill Hotel was the perfect venue for their guests.  After all the rain in the week leading up to Conor’s Naming Ceremony, the sun came out to shine for him.

But what really shone through was the love everybody had for Conor and the love and support for his parents.

Conor is such a dear little boy and he enjoyed cuddles with lots of guests.  We were able to sneak a few cuddles with him too!

With promises made by Conor’s parents, his Godparents and Grandparents, a reading by a much-loved family friend and a hissing balloon that had everybody in fits of laughter, it was a perfectly happy day for all.

Conor’s parents provided us with a lovely testimonial that explains the process we used to ensure that Conor’s Naming Ceremony was exactly the ceremony that they wanted:

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Zachary’s Naming Ceremony at Paddocks House

16 January 2016

Zachary’s Naming Ceremony was conducted at Paddocks House, Newmarket.   A real cutie who was a much longed-for son, he was full of wriggles, dribbles and lots of cuddles. We met him when we first met his parents and fell in love with him. His parents wanted a truly eloquent Naming Ceremony that celebrated his arrival and welcomed him to the whole family.  They also wanted a Naming Ceremony which promised him love, support and guidance throughout his life. Read More »

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Finlay’s Naming Ceremony

30 September 2015

We first met little Finlay when we met his parents to discuss his Naming Ceremony.   He was five months old and full of adorable smiles. Finlay’s parents wanted to formally welcome him into their family and circle of friends. They were keen to ensure that the Naming Ceremony was all about Finlay.

They also wanted a joyful, happy ceremony that would reflect their love for him and the family values that were so important to them.  We provided Finlay’s parents with our Naming Ceremony Book which equips our families with lots of resources for each part of a Naming Ceremony.  We then met with them to discuss what they would like in the script and worked on it to ensure it flowed well. We also wrote specifically about what was important to them and what they hoped for Finlay in the future. Read More »

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Charlotte’s Naming Ceremony

30 May 2015

The Naming Ceremony conducted by White Rose Ceremonies for baby Charlotte was a wonderfully emotional and happy affair. The Village Hall was full of balloons, cupcake, chatter and excitement.

Arriving flush-faced from her afternoon nap, the beautifully dressed Charlotte was soon in the midst of her adoring family and friends.  She treated us all to the cutest of toothy grins and give us all her characteristic little wave.

As family and friends took their seats for the ceremony, Charlotte and her proud parents took their places at the front along with Charlotte’s guide-parents. Read More »

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Civil or Christian Ceremony?

11 May 2015

I was a little surprised recently by a friend who said they “can’t relate to a Civil Ceremony” as they are a Christian. So many people don’t understand what a Civil Ceremony is. A religious ceremony is presided over by a priest of the religion involved and the service is mainly about giving thanks to a higher deity. A Humanist ceremony is presided over by a Humanist Celebrant who believes that life only exists when we live it and does not believe in anything spiritual, or life after death.   Read More »

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Confessions of a Celebrant

31 October 2014

What is a Civil Celebrant?

It’s our first year anniversary this month and what an incredible year it’s been. From not knowing what a Civil Celebrant was, to becoming one, to experiencing and being involved in the full range of events that happen in people’s lives – Weddings, Baby Namings and Funerals.

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