Sand Unity, Swynford Manor, Newmarket, White Rose Ceremonies

Sand Unity Wedding Ceremony

20 October 2016

Sand Unity, Swynford Manor, Newmarket, White Rose Ceremonies. Dionne BroadfieldOur lovely celebrant, Dionne, officiated at Sarah and Jason’s Wedding Ceremony including a Sand Unity Ceremony, at the beautiful Swynford Manor in Newmarket.

With fresh, bright decor in the room, Sarah entered on the arm of her proud father, followed by her bridesmaids who were dressed in navy. As well as exchanging vows, Sarah and Jason wanted to focus on their family.

Sand Unity, Swynford Manor, Newmarket, White Rose CeremoniesThey presented white roses to each other’s mother and the ceremony included a Sand Unity ceremony, also known as a Family Blending Ceremony, using coloured sand.

The colours used were red for life and warmth, turquoise for communication and peace, orange for enthusiasm and creativity and gold for wealth and success.

Sarah, Jason and their children took turns pouring sand into the jar while “Better Together” by Jack Johnson was played.  The result was a gorgeous blend of colours symbolising the happy and newly-united family.

Sand Unity, Swynford Manor, Newmarket, White Rose Ceremonies, Dionne BroadfieldThe words for Sarah and Jason’s Wedding Ceremony were chosen specifically by them.  The guests enjoyed a wonderfully happy and meaningful ceremony.  It included vows of love, laughter, tears and lots of applause.  Sarah and Jason signed our commemorative certificate, after which Dionne delivered the final words and announced the happy couple to their guests.

It was a real privilege to be asked to officiate at Sarah and Jason’s wedding.   We had a lovely time working with Sarah and Jason and we wish them every happiness in the future.

Our Suppliers

Officiant: Dionne Broadfield of White Rose Ceremonies

Photographs: David Waldron of White Rose Ceremonies

Venue: Swynford Manor, Newmarket

White Roses: Madeleine Bradley Floral Design

Coloured Sand: Confetti

Love & Laughter supplied by Sarah & Jason’s guests.