Simply Perfect Wedding Ceremony

14 February 2018

We have conducted many amazing weddings and what a privilege it is to do so!  But one thing that strikes us is how much pressure couples are under to have “the best”.  It seems that, nowadays, the simply perfect wedding has to be the most unique, the most noteworthy, the most memorable and the most expensive. They have to have all (and we mean all!) the finishing touches, the funniest moments and the biggest wow factor.

This is not to say it’s wrong to want these things.  You should have what you want but the media puts a lot of strain on those wanting a simple day.  So, we think the biggest ‘wow factor’ is how much stress is involved!  Such pressure must surely take away from the true meaning of the day?

This is a photo of Rebecca Waldron and David Waldron marrying at Gretna Green Registry Office, Celebrant, White Rose Ceremonies, Norfolk Wedding, Suffolk Wedding, Cambridge Wedding, Peterborough Wedding, Northamptonshire Wedding

Your love for each other!

Our wedding ceremony really was a simply perfect day, without the stress and it was memorable for that reason.

We had a long weekend up in Scotland and completed the legal paperwork at Gretna Green Registry Office with two witnesses.  This was wonderful in its simplicity, happiness and lack of pressure.

But for us, our Wedding Ceremony on the beach was most important and significant day.  We shared our heartfelt love for each other in our vows and exchanged wedding rings with a lovely ring ceremony.  Our guests were all quite happy to stand or sit on the blankets that they had brought with them and to generally ‘muck in’.

We just stood in a circle in the place we love the most and celebrated afterwards with tea and cake.  Refreshments were accompanied by sandcastles, bubbles and lots of laughter!

Outdoor Beach Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Celebrant , Norfolk Wedding, Suffolk Wedding, Cambridge Wedding, Peterborough Wedding, Northampton Wedding, White Rose Ceremonies, Rebecca Waldron

Simply perfect.

You really can have your Wedding Ceremony anywhere you want.  We have written about outdoor weddings in our blog and you can read it here.

If you want to know how it all works regarding the legal side of things, please use our Contact Form and we will get in touch.  We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience and we are here to help you make it the best day of your lives.

We hope you have a really wonderful time planning your simply perfect Wedding Ceremony!

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