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Rain on your Wedding Day? No problem!

31 March 2017

Rain on your Wedding Day is considered lucky in many different cultures because it represents cleansing, renewal, fertility and unity.  We don’t particularly like it though if it interferes with our carefully planned outdoor wedding!

Before we go on – did you know that a Celebrant will work with what you have planned, regardless of the weather?  If you have a Registrar, they will decide where the ceremony will take place, regardless of your wishes!

So obviously – a Celebrant is your best option for an outdoor ceremony!

Outdoor weddings can be AMAZING whatever the weather.  We have a lot of experience regarding what does and doesn’t work so here are some hints and tips.

1. Try not to let rain ruin your day. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Rain, outdoor ceremony, Rebecca Waldron, White Rose Ceremonies, Celebrant

2. Always have a plan that includes an indoor ceremony area otherwise your guests, particularly elderly relatives, will be wet and cold and they won’t enjoy your Ceremony at all.

3. White Rose couples consider the ‘inside’ option to be Plan A and then, when the weather is exactly as they hoped for, they are happy to opt for going outside – Plan B! Ta-dah!

4. Provide lots of big umbrellas that cover each person. Make sure they are transparent so that even when the rain is falling, your guests can still see what is happening.  You don’t have to buy them – they can be hired in.  Take a look here as an example!

5. Cover all chairs and hay bales with waterproof covers that your ushers can whip off just before the guests are seated.

6. Provide coconut matting or more robust flooring for your guests to walk on.

Rain, Outdoor Wedding, Outdoor Ceremony, Rebecca Waldron, Celebrant, White Rose Ceremonies7. You may love that beautiful wedding dress with the long train but it’s not going to work for an outdoor wedding if it’s raining.  However, if that’s what you still want, talk to your bridal shop.  They are the experts when it comes to hooking your dress up so that it won’t get wet and muddy.

8. And those beautiful wedding shoes! How about having some fabulous wellies on standby?

9. Make sure your sound system and electrical cables are suitable for outdoor use.  Delegate this task to an expert!

10. Also check that your Marquee or Tipi’s are waterproof!  This might seem obvious but check all the same.

11. If there is high wind as well as rain on your wedding day then do everything indoors.  There is nothing worse than rain AND wind!

12. And finally, keep your sense of humour intact and enjoy your Wedding Ceremony, whatever the weather!

Rebecca Waldron, Rain, Festival Wedding Ceremony, White Rose Ceremonies, Celebrant