Planning your Wedding? Plan your Ceremony!

29 January 2017

Planning your Wedding? Plan your Ceremony!  Start your special day with a Wedding Ceremony that will really ‘wow’ your family and friends!

We know that there is a lot to think about when planning your wedding.  The venue, the dresses and outfits, photographer, caterer, entertainment, flowers, wedding favours.  You spend all your time on Pinterest creating mood boards for the most perfect wedding.

But what about the perfect Ceremony?

Imagine your guests focussed on you both, laughing, clapping! Probably shedding a happy tear and totally engaged with you as share your promises of love with each other.

Kais & Chloe Golf Club Wedding Ceremony, Rebecca Waldron, White Rose Ceremonies

Want to sing? Well, let’s sing! Want to remember a loved one who has passed away? Let’s light a candle. Want your pet to be the ring bearer? Yes – let’s do it!

Wedding Ceremony, Rebecca Waldron, White Rose Ceremonies

When you plan your Ceremony with a Celebrant, they provide you with a fresh and unique approach.  Celebrants get to know you.  They write your script and weave the story of your journey as a couple throughout the Ceremony, making it completely personal to you.  Your script will never be the same as another couple and that is guaranteed!

Celebrants also have great ideas when it comes to including special people too! As for your venue, it can be wherever you want it to be. Inside, outside, at home, at a formal venue, in a tipi, marquee, in a forest, by the sea – anywhere you want.

Rebecca Waldron, Festival Wedding Ceremony, White Rose Ceremonies

And the legal paperwork?  Just complete it with two witnesses in the basic ceremony that all registrars should offer.  You don’t have to use a special room.  The legal documentation can be held in the registrar’s office.  Our couples at White Rose Ceremonies call it the ‘admin appointment’!

We love our team of Celebrants at White Rose Ceremonies but there are other fabulous Celebrants out there as well.  So wherever you live, you can have an amazing Ceremony conducted by a Celebrant.

You can plan your Ceremony with us, of course! But there are also other amazing Celebrants who we highly recommend:

Katie Deverell at

Ellie Farrell at

Katie Keen at

Judy Mansfield at

So – planning your Wedding? Plan your Ceremony! Have the most fantastic start to your wedding celebrations! We wish you lots of love, joy and happiness x