Five reasons NOT to book a Wedding Celebrant for your Ceremony

24 November 2014
  1. You want the same script everybody else has at your Wedding Ceremony…

Or you could book a Wedding Celebrant who will work closely with you to provide you with a script that reflects the tone you want in your ceremony and will contain poems, readings, songs and references to things that are unique to you. It is these things that make your ceremony truly personal.


  1. You want your Ceremony delivered by a virtual stranger…

Or you can engage a Wedding Celebrant who will get to know you and your partner. The Celebrant will build a relationship with you both so that the fundamental element of trust is present and supportive at what is an extremely important time for you.

  1. You want your Wedding Ceremony to be held in the local Registry Office or in a church…

Or you can hold your Ceremony wherever and whenever you like with a Wedding Celebrant – by a river, in a forest, on a beach, at home or in the beautiful formal venue of your choice. Anywhere that is special to you and your partner.

In the UK, the marriage certificate must be signed and witnessed by a Registrar. This can be done privately with two witnesses at your local Registry Office before your ceremony or you may prefer a formal service in a church which reflects and satisfies your religious beliefs.

  1. You want a restricted list of music, readings or poems to choose from…

Or you can have access to your Celebrant’s ‘library’ of readings, poems and music to choose from. At a Registry Office in the UK you are unable to have certain music such as ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams. We recognise how important these things are and this forms part of our commitment to make your Wedding Ceremony unique and personal to you.

Wedding Celebrant

  1. You don’t want your Ceremony to create long lasting and special memories…

Or you can influence not only the dressing of your venue or the choice of menu, but the actual content of the most important part of your Wedding Day, the ceremony itself. We want you to remember your ceremony for all the right reasons – that it reflects who you really are, that you have the opportunity to share how much you love each other, that the ceremony is full of love and laughter and that it creates happy, special and poignant memories that last you a lifetime.

So, in actual fact, we have five reasons why you should book a Wedding Celebrant! We have links with some fabulous Celebrants and we can whole-heartedly recommend them:

Katie Deverell, Ceremony Designer and Celebrant

Mulberry Days Wedding Ceremonies

Liz Thompson – Celebrant Manchester

And on the other side of the world, one of our favourites:

Catherine Zanella

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