DIY Wedding vs Wedding Planner?

11 November 2014

Last year I married my wonderful husband and business partner, David. We tied the legal knot in Gretna Green with two witnesses who just happened to walk in after us. Then, in the summer, we had a Civil Wedding Ceremony on the beautiful beach at Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk.

Gretna 2013

To save money we organised our ceremony in Norfolk ourselves and made a weekend of it with about 30 close family and friends. Our guests joined in with everything we organised and the only hitch was the high winds in the evening, which meant we couldn’t release Chinese lanterns across the sea.

However, when we talk about it my husband says “you didn’t cry” and he’s right, I didn’t. He is the man of my dreams and always will be but, on that day, I was not exactly ‘present in the moment’ at any stage. My mind was constantly thinking about what had to happen next. Would the hairdresser arrive? Would the flowers arrive? Where were key people? Where was the car? Will the rings get dropped in the sand? Will we get to the Reception in time…..etc.

If I had used the services of a Wedding Planner, I could have relaxed, safe in the knowledge that somebody was there ensuring everything would run smoothly and, even if it didn’t, I might not even have known about it and I certainly wouldn’t have to worry about sorting things out. I could have concentrated on the most important thing that day – my husband – and been totally engaged with every word, every smile, every kiss, every hug, every good wish and every moment there was for us both on that day.

Wedding Celebrant in Cambridge, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Stevenage areas

DIY Wedding vs Wedding Planner? If I could experience that day again I would ensure I budgeted for and booked a Wedding Planner – there is absolutely no question about it.

There are lots of Wedding Planners out there, check their credentials and recommendations before you commit. Here are some fabulous Wedding Planners in our region that we have connections with. Have a truly wonderful and enchanting day, be present in every moment – you deserve it!