Confessions of a Celebrant

31 October 2014

What is a Civil Celebrant?

It’s our first year anniversary this month and what an incredible year it’s been. From not knowing what a Civil Celebrant was, to becoming one, to experiencing and being involved in the full range of events that happen in people’s lives – Weddings, Baby Namings and Funerals.

Roses and petals WRC

I am asked so often, what is a Civil Celebrant? Well, we have some fabulous experiences with couples who want their wedding ceremony to be somewhere different, such as on a working farm – think of haybales, bunting, the clink of lemonade bottles and cattle in the background; in fields or meadows – think wild flowers, sunshine, a gentle breeze, ribbons on chairs; or at beautiful formal venues – think of the dresses we buy!

We laugh, we cry, we clap, we hug, we cheer, we get stuck in mud with our wellington boots, blown by the wind, barked at by dogs or lost in country lanes trying to find the right field.

We write scripts for all the ceremonies we deliver so that they are unique and, each time we do, we are reminded how privileged we are to meet such amazing and lovely people and, what a great honour it is for us to be asked to lead the happy ceremonies or more sensitive funeral services for these families.


A Civil Celebrant is a person who conducts civil ceremonies that focus purely on the people involved and are not linked to any particular religion or other institutional standard. We are free to deliver the ceremony or service that the family want and are not limited with what we can say or do. We are also free to conduct a Baby Naming or Wedding Ceremony wherever we are asked to although, for obvious reasons, funerals must be conducted either in a cemetery or crematorium.

We come equipped with lots of experience, stories to share, creative ideas and a professional yet fun way of working with people.

So, what is a Civil Celebrant? It is absolutely the best job we have ever been involved in and we wouldn’t swap it for the world!

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