Civil or Christian Ceremony?

11 May 2015

I was a little surprised recently by a friend who said they “can’t relate to a Civil Ceremony” as they are a Christian. So many people don’t understand what a Civil Ceremony is. A religious ceremony is presided over by a priest of the religion involved and the service is mainly about giving thanks to a higher deity. A Humanist ceremony is presided over by a Humanist Celebrant who believes that life only exists when we live it and does not believe in anything spiritual, or life after death.  

Rebecca Waldron Civil CelebrantA Civil Ceremony takes into account the individual’s beliefs, whether those beliefs are quite religious or not religious at all.   When we write scripts for weddings, funerals or naming ceremonies, we talk about what makes the people involved tick. Their qualities, their likes and dislikes, what’s important to them, what they truly strive or strived to be in life, the imprint they make or have left on other people’s hearts, the love they have been part of.

Am I a Christian? Yes! Do I go to church? No! Does that make me any less of a Christian? No! I am a vicar’s daughter but I strongly believe that we create our own form of Christianity through the way that we live our lives. Being honest, loving, welcoming, thoughtful, hard- working, giving – these are just some of the attributes that so many of us have. I have seen many people do their best to live their lives within a framework of traditional values and principles, with family and love being at the root of everything they do. Many of these people do not go to church yet it is obvious that they live a christian life.

So let’s get this clear, you can be a fully paid-up member of any religious organisation or have your own particular and singular beliefs yet still have a civil wedding, funeral or naming ceremony that meets your spiritual needs (whatever they are) and which particularly focusses on the person or people involved. Organised religion will provide comfort to those seeking interaction with like-minded people on a regular basis but you can get the same affirmation and sensation of togetherness at a line-dancing club – both are spiritually uplifting because of the people you are with, the music and the focus on one particular thing. Civil Ceremonies are all-inclusive regardless of your beliefs. The testimonials we receive reflect how happy people are with the services we provide as Civil Celebrants – take a look on the pages on our website.

Civil Ceremonies don’t discriminate and, please be assured, control of your own spiritual Rebecca Waldron Civil Celebrantneeds is still safe in your hands.  Happiness and blessings to you all x