Finlay’s Naming Ceremony

30 September 2015

We first met little Finlay when we met his parents to discuss his Naming Ceremony.   He was five months old and full of adorable smiles. Finlay’s parents wanted to formally welcome him into their family and circle of friends. They were keen to ensure that the Naming Ceremony was all about Finlay.

They also wanted a joyful, happy ceremony that would reflect their love for him and the family values that were so important to them.  We provided Finlay’s parents with our Naming Ceremony Book which equips our families with lots of resources for each part of a Naming Ceremony.  We then met with them to discuss what they would like in the script and worked on it to ensure it flowed well. We also wrote specifically about what was important to them and what they hoped for Finlay in the future. Read More »

Labyrinth Wedding Ceremony

7 September 2015

Astrid and Patrick held their Labyrinth Wedding Ceremony at the beautiful Tofte Manor in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.

A Labyrinth Wedding Ceremony is of special significance. Astrid and Patrick entered the Labyrinth and then each took a separate path, meeting again in the middle, symbolising the different paths they had been on before they met. They embraced the present as they celebrated their wedding vows and celebrated their future together as they left the Labyrinth on the same path. Read More »