Vow Renewal – Kim & Nigel

27 July 2015

The Vow Renewal Ceremony for Kim and Nigel was a complete surprise for them. Planned down to the last detail by their daughter Nikki, who was ably supported by their youngest daughter JoJo, it was held in a very quaint village hall with bunting, cakes and lots of music. A break in the torrential rain from the previous day meant that the afternoon had a magical and exciting feel to it.

Kim and Nigel were driven to the hall by their friends in silver cars emblazoned with purple ribbon. Thinking it was a surprise birthday party, they were greeted with the announcement that they were about to take part in their own Vow Renewal. A fabulous couple, they took it all in their stride and were surrounded by their family and friends as the ceremony took place. Read More »

Where will you hold your Wedding Ceremony?

15 July 2015

A Debating Chamber, a field, a labyrinth, a supermarket, Cambridge University Colleges, an Inn, a Mansion House, a barn, a privately owned old hall, a working farm, village halls, a family home – these are just some of the locations we have delivered unique wedding ceremonies. Where will you hold your Wedding Ceremony?

We are contacted by many people who are frustrated not just by the standard script that’s delivered at ‘normal’ wedding ceremonies, but by the lack of opportunity to hold their Wedding Ceremony at a location that’s special and personal to them. Provided you complete the legalities at your local Register Office, we can then deliver your wedding ceremony wherever you want it. OK, we don’t jump out of planes, bungee jump or get naked, but other than that we are very flexible! Read More »