Charlotte’s Naming Ceremony

30 May 2015

The Naming Ceremony conducted by White Rose Ceremonies for baby Charlotte was a wonderfully emotional and happy affair. The Village Hall was full of balloons, cupcake, chatter and excitement.

Arriving flush-faced from her afternoon nap, the beautifully dressed Charlotte was soon in the midst of her adoring family and friends.  She treated us all to the cutest of toothy grins and give us all her characteristic little wave.

As family and friends took their seats for the ceremony, Charlotte and her proud parents took their places at the front along with Charlotte’s guide-parents. Read More »

Civil or Christian Ceremony?

11 May 2015

I was a little surprised recently by a friend who said they “can’t relate to a Civil Ceremony” as they are a Christian. So many people don’t understand what a Civil Ceremony is. A religious ceremony is presided over by a priest of the religion involved and the service is mainly about giving thanks to a higher deity. A Humanist ceremony is presided over by a Humanist Celebrant who believes that life only exists when we live it and does not believe in anything spiritual, or life after death.   Read More »

Festival Wedding

3 May 2015

Emma and Dan’s Festival Wedding was a riot of sunshine, laughter and love.  A sensational field setting with bunting, flowers, hay bales, a beautiful willow arch, vintage icecream van, tractor rides, saxophonist, pizza oven, a marquee, pom-poms and some specially selected tableware provided a wedding that was delightful in every sense. Read More »